Is outsourcing key in this downturn?

With this economy the way business can grow and remain competitive is thru outsourcing

2 thoughts on “Is outsourcing key in this downturn?

  1. Thanks for your article. I believe outsouricing is a great choice for companies looking for a way to grow and provide better service but don’t have the resources to invest in all the infraestructure required for example to set a customer service hep desk. Being able to outsource allow for the company to focus on their main tasks and take advantage of reduces rates and low investment.

  2. Capgemini, one of the world’s foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services, announced the results of the Capgemini Executive Outsourcing Survey which found that most executives today agree that outsourcing can help a company survive the current economic downturn.
    The survey revealed that outsourcing remains a strategic driver in helping companies maintain the bottom line as 74 percent of executives agree that outsourcing helps a company survive in today’s economy. Among other key findings, 70 percent of executives feel that money saved by outsourcing can help a company grow, and 60 percent believe outsourcing makes a company more agile and flexible.

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